Shipping and Payments

Here, we will discuss some information about SHIPPING and PAYMENTS on the Arc System Works Store. If you cannot find answers
to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Offers valid on eligible orders and products ordered from the Entertainment Earth web site between December 19, 2018 and December 31, 2019.

Free Shipping within the USA on In-Stock Orders of $70 or More: Eligible orders include in-stock items totaling $70 or more before shipping charges that have no shipping restrictions.

Free Shipping within the USA on Select Pre-Order Items of $70 or More: Eligible pre-order items are select upcoming items valued at $70 or more before shipping charges that have no shipping restrictions.

This offer cannot be used with any other offer. Offer may be modified or cancelled at any time.

When is the cut-off time for placing orders?
the Arc System Works Store processes orders at 8:30AM Pacific Time, and successfully processed orders will be shipped the following day. If you place an order after 8:30AM Pacific Time, your order will be processed the following day at 8:30AM, and your product will be shipped the day after. All orders placed after 8:30AM on Friday will be processed the following Monday at 8:30AM and shipped out on Tuesday. *The order we receive by 8:30AM on Friday will be shipped on the same Friday.

We will process pre-ordered items about 7 days before the game’s release date. All pre-orders placed 7 days before the release date will be shipped out on the release date. However, pre-orders placed after that time may have their items shipped after the release date.
I changed my mind about a pre-ordered item. Can I cancel it?
Once we print the shipping label for your preordered item, we will not be able to cancel your order. Please make sure to contact us on the Monday before the release date of your pre-ordered product.
For example, if the product release date is 2/24, we will accept requests for cancellation until 2/16.

Where do you ship?
The Arc System Works Store ships to most countries worldwide.
*If your country is not available to be selected from the drop-down list, please contact us at store(at) We will be happy to assist you.

*If your country does not have zip code, please enter "0000" in the zip code field.
What shipping options are available?

The Arc System Works Store offers shipping via USPS and UPS. Each shipping fee will be based on the weight of the order and the shipping destination. For US customers, we offer free shipping for select products via USPS (First Class for shipments under 13 oz., and Priority for shipments over 13 oz.). We offer USPS First Class International and USPS Priority Mail International shipping options to our international customers.

How do I know my order was shipped?
You will receive an email notification to the email address you provided once your order has shipped. You will receive the tracking number for your order as well.
What does each shipping method term mean?

Free Shipping via USPS (US customers only): Shipping will be free for select products. Depending on the weight of your order, it will be shipped via either First Class or Priority. First Class Mail will take about 2-3* business days, and Priority Mail will take anywhere from 1-3* business days from the shipment date.

USPS Express Mail -- Large: Customers in the United States can expect to receive orders within 1-2** business days.

UPS (2nd Day Air): Most US customers will receive orders within 1-2 business days.

USPS First Class International and Priority Mail International are available for international customers.

International shipping time will vary depending on the country. Please visit USPS for details.

For further information, please visit the following links.
USPS: First Class Mail, Priority Mail, International Shipping Service
UPS: Shipping information

*According to USPS
**USPS Express Mail is delivered to most US addresses overnight.

I've moved since my preorder was placed. What should I do?
Not to worry! You can update your shipping address and other information on your account. However, if you moved a few days before an item’s release date, please contact us at store(at) with your order number and new shipping address. For games, all shipping information is processed 5 - 6 days before the release date to ensure that the orders arrive on time.
*It is important that you change/update your shipping information at least a week before the release date.

Can I buy more than one Limited Edition?
the Arc System Works Store is enforcing a one-per-customer policy to make our limited edition products available to as many people as possible. We have set up our store to restrict the purchase of multiple units of the same limited edition product. If any of the following scenarios occurs, we will cancel applicable orders without any further notice:

1. If the system fails for any reason, and allows a customer to purchase multiple copies of a limited edition item.
2. If we see purchase patterns suggesting that one customer is placing multiple orders.

What payment methods do you accept?
the Arc System Works Store accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you are using Prepaid cards please make sure that you have the necessary funds and your proper information registered to the card before using it for purchases. We do not accept personal check or cash.

What is this pending amount?
When a preorder is placed, the system verifies that the account is valid and that sufficient funds are available to cover the order. At this step, funds, in the amount of your order, will temporarily be held and deducted from your credit limit (or bank balance, in the case of a debit card) but funds will NOT be transferred to the Arc System Works Store. Funds will transfer when the order is billed approximately 7 days prior to the release date of the item purchased. The temporary hold will be removed once the transaction is authorized. Depending on your bank's policies, the authorization process can last several days. Before preordering an item, please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover your order total so that your order can successfully be processed.

When will I get charged?
We will bill your order and charge your account approximately 7 days before an item’s release date. It is crucial that you have enough funds in your account in this period. If the transaction cannot be processed because of insufficient funds, an incorrect billing address or the name on your card, your order will not be processed correctly, leading to shipping delays. We will notify all preorder customers a few days before we begin billing the preorders.

A little more explanation about the order status?
Awaiting Fulfillment: When you pay via credit card, your order status will be automatically be listed as Awaiting Fulfillment.
Shipped: Once we are ready to ship your order, your order status will be updated.

*If your payment did not go through for any reasons, you'll be contacted by us from ( We will work with you to fix the problem!

My credit card information has changed before the item’s release date. What should I do?
If your credit card information has changed (billing address, name on the card, expiration date, etc.) please make sure you contact us as soon as possible at store(at) It is important that we have the correct and most up-to-date information in order to process the transaction without any issues or delays.